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Salon du Chocolat – Tokyo 2010
For the second year El Ceibo and japanese distributor essentially kk will be at the Salon du Chocolat – Tokyo. When: 27 January to 1 February, 2010 Where: Isetan, Shinjuku Store, Tokyo - Japan
Our Story

More than four decades ago the cooperative’s founding members left behind their homes 4,000 metres up in the Andes to migrate to the lush Amazonian basin 3,600 metres below. With time, they flourished through the cultivation of cocoa beans. Their quest for better days has resulted in a prestigious organization with local and international recognition, which is active in all areas of Bolivian cocoa production.

Every four years, El Ceibo’s Board of Directors is elected by representatives of each member cooperative.

In addition to overseeing all of El Ceibo’s activities, the Board of Directors is in charge of conducting the General Assembly meetings which are held twice a year in Sapecho.

It is central to El Ceibo’s structure that all Board Members, senior management and employees are either active associates of El Ceibo or their children.

At the core of El Ceibo’s success are its driving principles:

- Self-governance in all areas of its activity.
- Democratic participation of all associates.
- Sharing technical knowledge among cocoa farmers.
- Environmentally sustainable production.
- Fair distribution of dividends.
- Integration of small similar organizations.
- Respect for life, cultures and the environment.

Our Beans

Beans used for the production of El Ceibo's fine chocolates are grown by the farmers of El Ceibo in Alto Beni.

After careful selection, they are then fermented and dried at El Ceibo's facilities in Sapecho under close supervision of El Ceibo's technical staff.

Farmers also ferment and dry their product on their plots. El Ceibo's technical staff periodically visits the farmers to assure a quality treatment of beans after harvesting.

90% of the whole production of the 1200 families is fermented and dried by the producers themselves in their farm. Only 10% of the total cocoa beans produced annually is fermented and dried in the technical center of Sapecho, under strict supervision. The producers select the best of these 10% for the production of the export fine chocolate range.

After the beans are fermented and dried, they are transported to La Paz on an incredible journey through some of the world's most dangerous roads.

Our Products
Our export range was developed in collaboration with international consultant Chloé Doutre-Roussel . They are made from the finest organic bolivian cacao, brought from the bolivian Amazon , towards the high mountains to La Paz, at 3600 msnm, where they become into our best chocolates, under strict quality messures. Enjoy our products!
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