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The Tree to Bar Experience..

El Ceibo, committed to protecting their native rainforest, became the first certified organic cocoa cooperative in the world in 1988. Utilizing a tiered cultivation system, El Ceibo works to protect against the degradation of their lands using natural and organic methods. Today, El Ceibo farmers grow an estimated 70 percent of the total organic cocoa cultivated in Bolivia. They are also the first to have processed its own cocoa into powder form. Plots of 3-4 hectares. Cocoa is grown without using chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Farmers share their knowledge from farmer to farmer to increase productivity and improve quality.

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Our Procces

To become competitive as a model organization in the country.

Within the agro-industrial production chain of organic cocoa and other products. Under criteria of economic, social and environmental sustainability. Meeting the needs of its members and producers in the industry, with its own self under the philosophy of cooperativism.

Develop transparent and efficient management of the supply chain of organic cocoa

Under principles of unity, sustainability, social justice and equity. With its own human resources trained in the philosophy of the cooperative, which aims to meet the needs of member cooperatives and their members. Contributing to regional and national development.

Our Cooperative Culture

Globally Recognized